Building Work


The church building has required a lot of work recently.  The main hall roof has been leaking from time to time and the guttering between the two halls has also been a source of leaks.  After these leaks had been finally fixed by rebuilding a section of roof, dry rot was spotted under the stairs.  Very thankfully, we received several donations towards the dry rot work.  Our property manager Norman Yardley has been in charge of the repair work.  He has been working with contractors, who have removed plaster and the dry rot.  The building has been replastered and is awaiting a coat of paint in the future.

While the dry rot repair work was unexpected, we had been hoping to replace the front doors of the church building for some time.  Our previous doorway had steps leading up to it.  This implied that disabled people had to enter through a side door instead.  We wanted to welcome everyone through the main doors to the church building.

In the winter and colder weather, we had been keeping our main doors open such that we could welcome anyone that came late to a church meeting.  This caused the back of the main hall to be colder than normal.  It was a tough shift standing by the doors on cold nights too.  Therefore, replacing the wooden doors with glass doors was suggested.  This will enable us to welcome others and efficiently heat the building.

Our property manager Norman Yardley set to work with an architect and then with builders to design and build a better doorway solution.  The replacement doorway has a ramp and will soon have glass and wooden doors.

Throughout this work, we have been blessed by God’s generosity through his people giving towards the upkeep of the church building and the new doors project.  We are deeply thankful for this provision and hope that the building may continue to be used for God’s work in the future.