• Why were the people of Israel punished? [ Isaiah 40:2 ]
  • What was one of the main sins that the people had committed? [ Isaiah 40:18-20 ]


  • How does the LORD encourage his people?
    • Forgiveness of sins? [ Isaiah 40:1-2 ]
    • Seeing the glory of the Lord? [ Isaiah 40:3-5 ]
  • What is the difference between people (flesh) and the word of God? [ Isaiah 40:6-8 ]
  • How will the LORD care for his people? [ Isaiah 40:11 ]
  • What have some of the people been valuing instead of the LORD? [ Isaiah 40:18-20 ]
  • Who can the LORD be compared to? [ Isaiah 40:25-26 ]
  • What does the LORD promise for those who wait for him? [ Isaiah 40:30-31 ]
  • Despite the sinfulness of the people, who is taking action in this passage? Do the people deserve this?


  • In what areas of your life do you feel least comfortable at this moment? Where are things most out of control?
  • In what ways does the way you think or act suggest you might be doubting whether God is able to comfort you?
  • What verse or truth from Isaiah 40 do you find the most encouraging and comforting?
  • How will the truth of Isaiah 40 change your outlook when you face stressful / uncomfortable times?