• What period in Biblical history is this passage pointing to?
    • What are the signs that are associated with this time period?


  • What is the servant of the Lord hoping for? [ Isaiah 62:1 ]
    • How are God’s people typically described by the Lord? [ Isaiah 1:4 ]
    • How will this change be possible? [ Isaiah 61:11 ]
  • How will the Lord honour his people? [ Isaiah 62:2, Isaiah 62:3 ]
  • How does the Lord care for his church? [ Isaiah 62:4-5 ]
    • What characterises a Godly and devoted husband, such as described in [ Ephesians 5:25-30] ?
  • What reassurance does the Lord give that he will carry out his plan? [ Isaiah 62:6-9 ]
    • Who might the watchmen be?
  • Why is clearing the road important? What will come to the Holy People? [ Isaiah 62:10-12 ]


  • The people are passive in this passage, but what is the Lord doing?
  • What will the Lord do for his people?
    • What will his people become?
    • How will he be related to his people at the end?
  • How should this passage affect our outlook on life?
    • For example, worrying about tomorrow, being caught up in the concerns of this world, or thinking that the Lord has forgotten us?