• In summary, what is the subject of prayer that proceeds this passage? [ Isaiah 63:15, Isaiah 64:1, Isaiah 64:12 ]
    • Why are the people in this mess? [ Isaiah 64:9 ]


  • Some of the people might have thought that God was far away or unable to hear them. However, how is the Lord described? [ Isaiah 65:1-2a ]
  • In contrast to the Lord’s faithfulness, how are the people described? [ Isaiah 65:2b-5 ]
    • Where should they be sacrificing? What are these people doing instead? [ 2 Kings 17:10-11, Deuteronomy 12:2 ]
    • Rather than consult the living God, who do they consult instead?
    • Why are the Jews eating pork [ Leviticus 11:7-8 ] ?
    • What do the people think about themselves?
  • How will the Lord respond? [ Isaiah 65:6 ]
    • Fix ME!
  • What will the Lord do for his servants? [ Isaiah 65:8-16 ]
    • What awaits those that forsake the Lord?
  • What is the Lord creating for his people? [ Isaiah 65:15-25]
    • What will the Lord take away? What will remain?
    • What will happen to the animals?


  • What does this passage suggest about God and his willingness to help his people?
  • What will the Lord do when he comes at the end?
    • What will happen to the servants of the Lord?
    • What will happen to those that forsake the Lord?
  • How should we respond to God’s message in this passage?
    • Worries and concerns about justice? Gods grace and provision? Reaching the lost?