• Where is Jesus? [ John 12:12 ]
  • What must Jesus do? [ John 12:27-36 ]
    • How soon will this happen? [ John 13:1 ]


  • What characterised Jesus’ relationship with his disciples all the way to the end of his time on the Earth? [ Luke 13:1 ]
    • How is this demonstrated by his physical care for the disciples? [ Luke 13:4-6 ]
    • What did Jesus have a full understanding of before he washed their feet? [ Luke 13:3 ]
    • What should the disciples do in response to Jesus’ example? [ Luke 13:15 ]
  • Why does Peter object to Jesus washing his feet? [ Luke 13:6 ]
  • How is Satan involved? [ Luke 13:2, Luke 13:27 ]
    • What effect did this have on Jesus’ ministry to his disciples?
    • How did Jesus treat Judas?
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  • How will other people know Jesus’ disciples? [ Luke 13:35 ]


  • How does Jesus care for his disciples? What about Judas?
  • What are the followers of Jesus to do for each other? How will others know that we are following Jesus? (Think beyond foot washing, to other examples.)
    • The word Jesus used is ἀγαπᾶτε (agapate), from the verb agapao. This should not be confused with love for brothers (phileo) or romanic/sexual love (eros). Agapao is given, not expecting a return, not following feelings, but in obedience to the Lord.
    • How should we treat those who might reject or betray us?