• Who were the seventy-two? Where were they sent? What was their mission? [ Luke 10:1-11 ]
    • How did their mission cause the people and the towns to be judged by God?


  • Why were the seventy-two filled with joy? [ Luke 10:17 ]
    • What did Jesus say he saw as the seventy-two were working? [ Luke 10:18 ]
    • Why were the seventy-two able to defeat the evil that was at work in the places they travelled to? [ Luke 10:19 ]
    • What might the seventy-two have thought about themselves? [ Luke 9:46-48 ]
    • What was Jesus keen that the seventy-two should focus on? [ Luke 10:20 ]
  • Why did Jesus rejoice? [ Luke 10:21 ]
    • Who are the “wise and understanding” that Jesus referred to? [ Luke 10:24 ]
    • Who are the “little children” that Jesus mentions? (These are not necessarily children.) [ Luke 10:23 ]
    • What does God’s plan highlight about the Father? [ Luke 10:21b ]
    • How is Jesus related to the Father? [ Luke 10:22]


  • What can the power of Jesus achieve, even through his servants?
    • If God blesses our service to him, what must we remain focussed on?
  • How do people come to know Jesus and the Father?
    • What does this demonstrate about God? How can we help those that do not know the Lord?
  • What does Jesus say about the understanding that was given to the seventy-two?
    • Do we prize this understanding? What should we do with the understanding that God has given us?