• What is wrong with the people of “this generation”? [ Luke 11:39-52 ]


  • Why might the people have sought a sign? What did this demonstrate about their faith in Jesus and their understanding of the events that they have already see? [ Luke 11:29 ]
    • How is Jesus’ ministry (death and resurrection) similar to Jonah and his ministry? What did Jonah call Nineveh to do? [ Jonah 3:4-5 ]
    • The Queen of the South was not an Israelite, but what is special about her? [ 1 Kings 10:6-9 ]
    • Nineveh was full of wicked people that were not Israelites, but what did they do when they heard God’s judgement? [ Jonah 3:6-9 ]
  • How is the lamp on the stand, related to something “greater than Jonah”? Why is Jesus and his teaching similar to a lamp? [ Luke 11:32-33 ] Was Jesus’ message given in secrete?
    • What is wrong with the generation that Jesus spoke to? [ Luke 11:34-36 ]


  • The “evil generation” were not able to see who Jesus is and demanded a sign. How might we also be guilty of not accepting Jesus and demanding a sign?
    • How did the Queen of the South or the people of Nineveh demonstrate their understanding? How might we demonstrate our understanding of the gospel?
  • What should we delight in? What light should we seek to fill ourselves with?