• What was wrong with the Pharisees? [ Luke 11:39 ]
    • What were they seeking to do? [ Luke 11:53-54 ]
    • What might the Pharisees do with those that followed Jesus?


  • Why is the teaching of the Pharisees dangerous? [ Luke 12:1 ]
    • How does Jesus use judgement to encourage his disciples not to follow the Pharisees? [ Luke 12:2-3 ]
  • Using the context of the passage, who are the believers not to fear? [ Luke 12:4 ]
    • Why should the disciples fear God instead? [ Luke 12:5 ]
    • How does God care for his people? [ Luke 12:6-7 ]
  • In the context of this passage [ Luke 11:53-54 ], who is against Jesus?
    • Why might the disciples have be tempted to deny Jesus? [ Luke 12:8-9 ]
    • To blaspheme the Holy Spirit is to claim that the Spirit is evil and obstinately oppose Jesus Christ. [ Luke 12:10 ]
      • In the context of this passage, who has been claiming that the work of the Spirit through Jesus is the work of the Devil?
      • What should this warning cause the hearers to do?
    • How can the Holy Spirit help the disciples? [ Luke 12:11-12 ]
      • Who is going to try to attack them? Compare with [ Acts 4:13 ] in context.


  • What opposition might Christians face now? How might we be tempted to deny Jesus?
    • How does knowledge of God’s judgement help us to trust him?
    • How does God care for his people?
  • What is the danger if we obstinately oppose Jesus and his message?