• What did Jesus ask the crowd to choose from [ Luke 12:8 ], [ Luke 12:15, 34 ] ?
  • What should the disciples and crowds be doing when Jesus returns? [ Luke 12:40 ]


  • Following the previous text within Luke 12, how might Jesus have created division? [ Luke 12:51 ]
    • What are the two choices that face his listeners?
  • How is interpreting the present time related to the subject of judgement in this chapter? [ Luke 12:54-56 ]
    • Why is it important that those listening interpret the time correctly?
    • What is the more significant judgement that awaits the Jews? [ 12:57-59 ]
  • Some Jews object to an action of Pilate [ Luke 13:1 ].
    • Why might they have thought of this rather than their own sin?
    • What did Jesus do in response to their argument? [ Luke 13:5 ]
  • How is the fig tree similar to the Jewish people that are listening to Jesus? [ Luke 13:6-9 ]
  • Why might Jesus have healed the women on the Sabbath? [ Luke 13:16 ]
    • What is the effect of his action? What is Jesus focused on? What are those that are put to shame focused on?


  • How is Jesus’ judgement of the Jews a grace?
    • What is Jesus focused on in this passage?
    • What does this tell us about the character of Jesus?
  • From this passage, what effect does the gospel message have on others?
    • Do we have any practices that are similar to the Jews’ warped keeping of the Sabbath? How should we be focused?