• What have the Pharisees been asking Jesus about? [ Luke 17:20 ]
    • What will happen when Jesus returns? [ Luke 17:31-35 ]
  • How did Jesus encourage his disciples to have faith? What practical steps could they take? [ Luke 18:1-8 ]
  • Why did the children go to Jesus? [ Luke 18:16 ]


  • What is wrong with the people that Jesus is addressing? [ Luke 18:9 ]
    • What do they think that they do not need?
    • What are they not afraid of? (Think about the context of the passage.)
    • How does this affect their behaviour towards others?
  • Who are the two men that Jesus uses in his illustration? [ Luke 18:10 ]
    • What is significant about their professions?
    • What might Jesus’ audience have expected would happen next?
  • Who is the Pharisee focused on? [ Luke 18:11-12 ]
    • What does he think is important?
    • What does he think can be achieved through his works?
  • Where is the tax collector far from? [ Luke 18:13 ]
    • Why did he not look up towards heaven?
    • Who is the tax collector focused on?
    • What does he know he is? What does he fear? Why does he ask God for mercy?
  • Why does God grant justification to the tax collector? [ Luke 18:14 ]
    • What did the tax collector do before God?


  • What are we before God?
    • What will happen to those that justify themselves with their “good” works?
    • What must we be focused on?
    • How can we be saved?
  • What is God willing to do for those that repent of their sins and ask for mercy?
    • How will he treat those that he has justified?