• What were the people using the outer section of God’s temple for? [ Luke 19:45-48 ]
    • What was the response of the chief priests and scribes to Jesus’ authority?


  • What are the chief priests and scribes objecting to? [ Luke 20:1-2 ]
    • Why do the chief priests and scribes find it difficult to answer Jesus’ question concerning John the baptist? [ Luke 20:3-6 ]
      • How is this connected to God’s authority over their lives?
  • Who is the planter? Who is the vineyard? Who are the tenants? What is the fruit? [ Luke 20:9 ]
  • Who are the servants that are sent to the tenants? [ Luke 20:10 ]
    • What is the expectation of the owner of the vineyard?
    • How is this similar to the people’s treatment of God’s prophets? [ 2 Chronicles 24:17-19 ]
    • What have the people done to several of God’s servants? [ Luke 20:11-12 ]
  • Who is the heir? What has not happened yet, but Jesus is suggesting will happen? [ Luke 20:13-15 ]
  • What is Jesus threatening the chief priests and scribes with? [ Luke 20:16-18 ]
    • What will happen to the unrepentant religious leaders of the Jews?
    • How do the scribes and chief priests react to Jesus’ rebuking them?
      • What does this suggest concerning their attitude towards God?


  • How is God related to his people?
    • What rights does God have?
  • What does God expect that his people will produce?
  • What does Jesus expect of the leaders of the church?
    • What will happen to leaders that do not repent?
      • How is this similar to people in general, concerning the return of Jesus?