• Why did Luke write this gospel account? [ Luke 1:1-3 ]
  • What is special about Jesus? [ Luke 1:34-35 ]
  • Why did Mary sing to the Lord? [ Luke 1:42-43, 46-55 ]


  • What is the significance of the decree of Caesar Augustus and Quirinus as governor of Syria to Luke’s first readers of this book? [ Luke 2:1-2 ]
    • How does this also demonstrate God’s sovereignty? [ Luke 2:3 ]
  • Why is it important that Jesus was born in Bethlehem? [ Luke 2:4 ]
    • Who is the David that Luke mentions?
  • What is Joseph and Mary’s relationship when Jesus is born? [ Luke 2:5 ]
    • What does this imply has not happened yet?
    • Why is this important?
  • How did Jesus come into the world? [ Luke 2:6-7 ]
    • Why are the details of the swaddling cloths important?
      • How similar was Jesus to other babies at that time?
    • Knowing Jesus’ status before his birth, what is surprising concerning his birth?
      • What does this passage suggest about those in Bethlehem at the time that Jesus was born?


  • Why is the factual account of Jesus’ birth important?
    • How does this passage provide a date range for Jesus’ birth?
    • From this passage, who is Jesus?
    • How did God orchestrate these events?
  • Given that God’s plan was for Jesus to be born and laid in a manger, what does this suggest about the character of God?
    • What did Jesus demand?