• What has happened to Jesus? [ Luke 22:47-53 ]
    • How did the disciples reach to this? How is Jesus’ reaction different?


  • What might have been Peter’s motivation for denying Jesus? [ Luke 22:54-60 ]
    • In Peter’s view, what is the state of God’s plan? What does he expect will happen?
    • How does Peter react to being questioned by the three witnesses? What does this tell us about his mental state?
    • How might Peter have felt when Jesus looked at him? [ Luke 22:61-62 ]
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  • What is the intent of those holding Jesus? [ Luke 22:63-65 ]
    • Why might Jesus not have reacted to them? [ Luke 22:53b ]
    • In contrast to Peter, what is Jesus focused on?
  • Who assembled together against Jesus? [ Luke 22:66 ] What is the significance of these individuals? Who’s council is it?
    • Why are they questioning Jesus? [ Luke 22:67,70-71 ] What is their motivation?
    • In contrast to Peter, what testimony does Jesus present to the council? [ Luke 22:67b-70 ]
      • How should the council have reacted to Jesus’ words?
      • What is Jesus looking forward to?


  • How did Jesus react to Peter’s denial and the abuse and questioning of the council?
    • What does this tell us about the character of God? How did Jesus display faith in the Father in the time of testing?
  • How might we fall into the same trap as Peter? Comparing Peter with Jesus, where should our focus be?
    • How can Jesus understand our struggles on this Earth?