• In the gospel according to Luke, what has just happened [ Luke 5:17-26 ] ?
    • What is the mood of the people?
    • What did Jesus do for the man?
    • Who is opposing Jesus?


  • What was Levi’s (Matthew’s) job? [ Luke 5:27]
    • Why did the Pharisees look down on people like Levi?
  • Where did Jesus find Levi? [ Luke 5:27 ]
  • Why are the Pharisees complaining about Jesus’ behaviour? [ Luke 5:30 ]
    • What does Jesus suggest is their problem? [ Luke 5:31-32 ]
    • What is the difference between the Pharisees and Levi?
  • Why might the Pharisees be complaining about the disciples lack of fasting? [ Luke 5:33 ]
    • In contrast to a sombre fast, what has just happened at Levi’s house? [ Luke 5:29 ]
    • What would typically happen at a wedding party?
  • Why might the Pharisees like the “old” rather than the “new”? [ Luke 5:39 ]


  • How does Jesus behave with Levi?
    • What does this suggest Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit might do today?
  • What is the right response to Jesus’ message of grace?
  • How might we be similar to the Pharisees?
    • Why might we be happy with the “old” that Jesus mentions?