• What is the difference between the woman and the Pharisee? [ Luke 7:36-50 ]
  • Women would have had very little importance in the first century culture. Why are the women mentioned in [ Luke 8:1-2 ] important?
    • What types of background did they come from?


  • Why did Jesus teach in parables? [ Luke 8:10, Isaiah 6:9-10, Matthew 13:10-16, Matthew 13:34-35 ]
    • Why were many of the Jews (God’s people) not able to understand the parables?
  • What is sowed by the sower? [ Luke 8:11 ]
  • Who are the four types of soil? [ Luke 8:12, Luke 8:13, Luke 8:14, Luke 8:15 ]
    • Why is the good soil special?
  • What is the right reaction to receiving God’s word? [ Luke 8:16 ]
    • In the context of Jesus’ immediate audience, who are those that think they have understanding? [ Luke 8:18 ]
    • How should Jesus’ warning be understood in the context of the parable of the sower?
  • What do those who hear and do the word of God become? [ Luke 8:21 ]


  • What is preventing us from following the word of God?
    • What is the danger for those that listen, but do not follow Jesus?
  • What do those that listen and do the word of God become?
  • How are people able to receive the word of God?