• What is Herod thinking about before this passage? [ Luke 9:7-9 ]
  • What are the crowds and the disciples thinking about following this passage? [ Luke 9:18-20 ]


  • Why might the people have followed Jesus? [ Luke 9:10-11 ]
  • What are the disciples concerned about? [ Luke 9:12 ]
    • Considering that Jesus had probably already decided what he was going to do, why might he have asked the disciples to feed the people? [ Luke 9:13a ]
    • What do the disciples think about the situation that they are in? [ Luke 9:13b-14 ]
  • How does Jesus respond to the disciples? [ Luke 9:14 ]
    • What does this suggest about Jesus’ behaviour towards those that follow him?
  • Why did Jesus give thanks for the break and fish? [ Luke 9:16 ]
    • Ultimately, where had the bread and fish come from?
  • Who gave the people of Israel bread in the wilderness? [ Exodus 16:4 ]
    • How are the baskets of leftovers related to the people of Israel? [ Luke 9:17 ]
    • Why is Jesus feeding the people in the desert? How is this connected with his identity?


  • From this passage, who is Jesus?
  • How did Jesus care for those that followed him, even though most of them did not really understand?
  • Jesus gave thanks for the very small amount of fish and bread. How do we treat the things that the Lord has given us?