The sermon was on the trinitarian nature of God. A small number of
passages have been included in these notes. Many additional passages
were mentioned during the sermon.

Matthew 3:13-17


  • When someone professed faith in God and became a Jew they were baptised. Why was John the Baptist baptising Jews in the Jordan? [ Matthew 3:2-6,11 ]


  • Why did Jesus go to be baptised by John the baptist, even though he did not need to repent? [ Matthew 3:13,15 ]
  • Why did John the Baptist object to Jesus’ request? [ Matthew 3:14 ]
    • Who did John recognise Jesus to be? [ Matthew 3:11 ]
  • How is God manifest in this passage? [ Matthew 3:16-17 ]
    • How do the three distinct persons (which are one God) relate to one another in this passage?


  • What does this passage suggest concerning God’s relationship with himself?
    • What characteristics does God the Son display in this passage?
    • How does God the Spirit behave?
    • How does God the Father react to the Son?
  • In comparison with God, what characteristics do we lack and should we pray for?

Genesis 1:1-27


  • Where was God in the beginning? [ Genesis 1:1 ]

    • The English word “God” in this passage is “’ĕ·lō·hîm” in Hebrew. It is the name of the covenant God. It normally implies a plural God, but is used as a singular noun in this text, carrying a duel meaning of one and yet many.

  • Where was the Holy Spirit at the beginning of creation? [ Genesis 1:2 ]

    • The word Holy Spirit in this verse is “rū·aḥ” in Hebrew. This is literally “wind”, but within the context it is understood to be the Holy Spirit. (In a similar manner, the breath of God that was breathed into the man when he was created [ Genesis 2:7 ] suggests the presence of the Holy Spirit.)

  • How does God refer to himself in this passage? [ Genesis 1:26 ]

    • What does this suggest concerning God’s relationship with himself and with man and women?


  • How does God’s unity in creation affect:

    • Our view of God?

    • Our view of those that he created?

  • How should God’s unity and purpose affect our walk with Jesus Christ as redeemed children of God?

Meeting God

  • Who met Abraham before Sodom was destroyed? [ Genesis 18:1-33 ]

    • There are two men who are revealed to be angels, but what about the third person?

    • What does the third person look like? [ Genesis 18:2,8 ]

    • Who is he? [ Genesis 18:33 ]

  • Who did Jacob wrestle with? [ Genesis 32:24-31 ]
    • What did he look like? [ Genesis 32:24 ]
    • What does Jacob say about him? [ Genesis 32:30 ]
    • What does he say about himself? [ Genesis 32:28 ]
  • Who has seen God the Father? [ John 1:18, John 6:45-46 ]

    • Who has not seen the Father? Therefore, who might Abraham and Jacob have met?

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  • How should God’s relationship with his people encourage us as we seek to follow him?