• What will happen to Satan and his servants? [ Revelation 20:7-8 ]
  • What will happen to every man, woman or child? [ Revelation 20:11-15 ]


  • Why will the first heaven and earth pass away? [ Revelation 21:1 ]
    • For a Hebrew, at the time John wrote, the sea was thought to be a place of chaos and evil.
  • What might a Hebrew bride look like? What does this imply about the new Jerusalem? [ Revelation 21:2 ]
  • What will God do for his people? [ Revelation 21:3-4 ]
  • Where is God sitting? [ Revelation 21:5, 20:11 ] What does this suggest about him?
    • When will God start to build his new creation?
    • How certain is it that this new creation will be ready? [ Revelation 21:5-6a ] (Look at the tenses used in the passage.)
    • What is significant about alpha and omega? (Greek: first and last letters) [ Revelation 21:6a ]
  • Who are the thirsty? What will be given to them? [ Revelation 21:7 ]
  • Who is the conqueror? [ Revelation 21:7 ] (Also found in Revelation 2:7, 2:11, 2:17, 2:26, 3:5, 3:12, 3:21. It might prove helpful to look at one of these.)
  • What will happen to all those outside of Jesus? [ Revelation 21:8 ]


  • How does the Lord rule over his creation?
    • What will he do with the sinful? What awaits those in Christ?
  • How should this passage affect our lives? For example:
    • Acquiring lots of money or material assets on Earth?
    • Needing to be approved of by peers or being seen to be important?
    • Worrying about what will happen to ourselves in the future?
    • Needing to evangelise the lost?