Hebrews 4:5-13



  • Who was this letter written to? [ Hebrews 1:1-2 ]
  • What danger faces the readers of this letter? [ Hebrews 4:1-2 ]


  • Who determines if someone will enter God’s rest? [ Hebrews 4:5 ]
    • Why did some of the people that received the gospel fail to enter God’s rest? [ Hebrews 4:6 ]
  • When should the people respond to God’s gospel? [ Hebrews 4:7 ]
    • Why might they not listen?
  • What is the day of rest that the author of the letter is referring to? [ Hebrews 4:8-9 ]
    • What is a Sabbath rest?
    • What is special about God’s rest? [ Hebrews 4:10 ]
  • Why should the Jewish Christians strive to enter God’s rest? [ Hebrews 4:11 ]
    • What should the Jewish Christians be concerned about?
    • Considering the parallel of death in the wilderness for the Israelites that did not listen to God’s word, what faces those that reject the gospel?
  • What is the nature of the word of God? [ Hebrews 4:12 ]
    • What is the effect of the word of God?
    • How does this relate to disobedience?
  • How do people appear before the Lord? [ Hebrews 4:13 ]
    • What hope do the people have of hiding their sins from him?


  • Why should we accept the gospel of Jesus Christ?
    • When should we respond to the gospel?
    • What might stop us or others from responding?
    • Other than ourselves, who should we be encouraging to listen to the gospel?
  • What will God’s living word reveal?
    • Who will all people be judged by?

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