• Which time in Biblical history is the previous text pointing at? [ Isaiah 60:19-20 ]
    • Isaiah 61 does not follow chronologically from Isaiah 60, but provides further information on what the Lord will do.


  • Who is the Spirit of the Lord upon? [ Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:16-21 ]
    • When did the year of the LORD’s favour start?
    • When will the day of vengeance take place?
    • Why were some of the people in Zion mourning?
    • How will the people of Zion become righteous?
  • Why will the other nations come to be with those that mourned in Zion? [ Isaiah 61:5 ]
  • What has God done for his people? [ Isaiah 61:8b ]
    • Where will his people be found? [ Isaiah 61:9 ]
  • Who was clothed in the garments of salvation? What does this refer to? [ Isaiah 61:10 ]
    • How does the growing seed help the hears to think about God’s salvation plan? [ Isaiah 61:11 ] (The certainty – seed sown, The goodness – the growing seed.)


  • How does God’s salvation plan affect us today?
    • What does God’s salvation plan tell us about him?
    • How certain is his salvation of those that mourn?
    • What will happen to those that do not accept this salvation plan?