• What will happen to Jesus in the short-term future? [ Luke 22:14-23 ]
    • What does he want his disciples to remember?


  • What are the disciples concerned about? [ Luke 22:24 ]
    • How is leadership in God’s kingdom different from rule on the Earth? [ Luke 22:25-27 ]
    • What did Jesus say that the disciples would receive? [ Luke 22:28-30 ]
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  • What is Satan’s plan for the disciples? [ Luke 22:31 ]
    • Why will Peter’s faith not fail? [ Luke 22:32 ]
    • When will Peter be able to strengthen the brothers? [ Luke 22:32 ]
    • What does Peter promise to do? What does Jesus know will happen instead? [ Luke 22:33-34 ]
  • How did God care for the disciples at the start of their service with Jesus? [ Luke 22:35 ]
    • How will their lives change in the short-term future? [ Luke 22:36 ]
    • Why will it be more difficult for the disciples?
    • What will happen to Jesus? [ Luke 22:37, Isaiah 53:12 ]


  • Despite the lack of time Jesus has left with his disciples, what is he concerned about?
    • What does this suggest concerning God’s care for his people?
  • How should leadership in the church be different from the world?
    • What should we be seeking to do for each other?
    • What reward awaits those who follow Jesus in faith? (What had the disciples given up?)
  • Satan demanded to have Peter. What does Satan seek to do to those that follow God?
    • Why is Satan unable to do this? How is this applicable to God’s people in general?