• For Hebrews, the sea was seen as a place of chaos and evil. When Jesus rebuked the sea, what did it demonstrate to the disciples? [ Luke 8:22-25 ]
  • How did the daemons react to Jesus? [ Luke 8:26-33 ]


  • Why might the people have been waiting for Jesus? [ Luke 8:40 ]
  • Why did Jairus go to Jesus? [ Luke 8:41-42 ]
    • Why was his daughter special to him?
    • What did Jairus believe that Jesus could do?
  • Why did the woman go and touch the edge of his clothes? [ Luke 8:43-44 ]
    • How would the woman have been treated by others? [ Leviticus 15:25-27 ]
    • What did the woman believe that Jesus could do?
    • How did Jesus heal her? [ Luke 8:44-45]
    • Why might the woman have trembled before Jesus? [ Luke 8:47 ]
    • How does Jesus address her after she has been healed? [ Luke 8:48 ]
  • Why does the person from the ruler’s house try to dissuade Jesus from going to Jairus’ house? [ Luke 8:49 ]
    • What does the person not expect Jesus to do? Why might the person have thought this?
  • What is the significance of Jesus’ statement that the little girl is sleeping? [ Luke 8:52 ]
    • While she is physically dead, what does Jesus’ statement suggest might happen?


  • How does this passage demonstrate Jesus’ power? Over sickness? Over death?
  • What is similar about Jairus and the woman? What did they believe?
  • What should we believe? Why should we trust Jesus with ourselves? What does this passage suggest about salvation and the resurrection? [ 1 Thessalonians 4:16 ]